A Facebook Haggadah

We had this in our newsletter  yesterday and neglected to post on-line. In the oft-chance you haven’t yet seen this viral sensation, check it out:

pyramid1The Passover Seder, the oldest continuously observed religious ceremony in the world, tells the story of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt. Jewish tradition says that people of each generation must imagine that they personally had departed from Egypt, and the sages say that each generation must tell the story in its own terms.

The sages probably did not intend this:

Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah

This year our ceremony still contains some time for reflection, and some ability to remain on the same topic for more than a minute or two. But next year, may our ceremony be faster, divided into bite-sized chunks, and with each utterance no more than 140 characters. And so we say together,


update: take a look at Max Socol’s post on PresenTense blogs, Facebook Haggadah – a viral sensation. The message is self-explanatory.