3rd Under 40 Joins Jewish Agency Board

Alex Selsky’s induction Sunday to The Jewish Agency Board of Governors brings to 3 the number of members under 40. All represent the World Zionist Organization (WZO).

Selsky was born in Ufa the capital of the Russian autonomous republic of Bashkortostan and made Aliyah at age of 16 through the NAALE (Elite Academy) program.

In the past he served as an advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, focusing on relations with Russian-speaking Israelis and the Russian-speaking Jewish Diaspora, as well as the Israeli and foreign Russian-language press. In parallel, he was spokesman of the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Previously he served as a spokesman for The Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization to Russian-language press and an emissary of The Jewish Agency working with Jewish Russian speaking college students in New York City.

Mr. Selsky is CEO of the World Israel Beytenu movement, a member of the Executive of the World Zionist Organization, CEO of the World Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry, and a lecturer at the School of Politics and Journalism at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem.

Selsky joins two other under 40’s:

Dror Morag at 35 is the youngest member of the Board. He is the Secretary General of Meretz and a member of the Reform/Labor/Meretz faction.

Lior Schillat is 36. He joined the Board as a representative of Kadima’s faction with Conservative/Hanoar Hatzioni and served as an adviser to both Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert. Today he works in the private sector.