231 TAMID Group Fellows Learning Business Leadership Skills in Israel

TAMID Group, an organization with over 2,200 active members on 53 college campuses whose mission is focused on training the next generation of top business leaders and instilling in them a strong and lasting connection to Israel, have highlighted the successful experiences of the over 231 TAMID Group fellows currently working in Israel.

“The fellowship program brings TAMID members to Israel for an immersive experience working full-time for Israeli startups, venture capital firms, and other companies. To date, Tamid has had 542 students successfully participate in our engaging program – with 231 more this summer,” said Yonah Liben, TAMID Fellowship Director. “This unique hands-on experience provides students invaluable business experience and insight into Israel giving our fellows a significant early boost for a successful business.”

In addition to numerous, individual accomplishments and achievements, the entire program participated in two TAMID-hosted VC/startup pitch nights, one in each fellowship session. Four startups pitched for 5 minutes, the fellows heard feedback from a VC partner, and then students voted for the company they thought most likely to succeed. The successful events yielded important insights for the students.

The TAMID Group also offers a program for TAMID members to stay involved beyond college. With TAMID Pro, former TAMID students are welcome to engage with TAMID in a number of capacities including mentorship, coaching, recruiting, and event participation.

For more information on TAMID, TAMID Pro, chapters or the fellowship program, please visit http://tamidgroup.org.