16 Complete Spertus Institute and Northwestern University Certificate in Jewish Leadership

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On March 5, 2019, a cohort of sixteen professionals and lay leaders completed the Certificate in Jewish Leadership program developed by Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, in partnership with Northwestern University. These individuals are poised to bring their new leadership expertise to a range of roles and responsibilities in organizations that serve Jewish communities across North America. They have learned to strengthen their own leadership styles, communicate and collaborate within and across organizations, manage change, and inspire excellence.

The Certificate was developed for emerging leaders of nonprofit organizations, including those focused on social service, fundraising, education, culture, and public policy. The program draws faculty from both Spertus Institute and Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies to teach leadership within a distinctively Jewish context.

Participants learn to articulate vision and motivate stakeholders, improve collaboration, achieve organizational goals, and plan and execute for the future. It is presented under the auspices of Spertus Institute’s Center for Jewish Leadership, supported by a generous grant from the Crown Family.

A unique and essential aspect of the program is its focus on the mentoring of students by seasoned Jewish professional and lay leaders, which allows for professional networking and the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional or lay leader in the Jewish community. Mentoring also enhances the participants’ educational experiences through examining the practical application of classroom learning and theory.

Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort of the Certificate in Jewish Leadership. Classes take place during two short seminars in Chicago, November 17-19, 2019 and February 9-11, 2020. More information is available at spertus.edu/certificate.