15,000 people attended largest Israeli Cultural Festival in Europe

Performers at the “Women in Power” concert during the TLVinLDN event in London; photo courtesy #TLVinLDN.

JNS.org: The largest Israeli cultural event in Europe, TLVinLDN, attracted some 15,000 people to the five-day event to celebrate Israeli culture and diversity in London.

The festival, hosted Sept. 7 – 11, was organized under the direction of TLVinLDN Chairman Marc Worth, and realized with the support and partnership of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy, as well as other sponsors and private donors.

Some of Israel’s top female singers, including Ethiopian-Israeli Ester Rada, performed for hundreds of locals during Sunday’s celebration, under the theme “Woman in Power,” at the historic Roundhouse Music Hall in London.

“We came from Tel Aviv to bring you love,” said Rada, as she opened the evening before a soul music performance from Maximilian Blumin.

Israeli-Arab singer Mira Awad also performed and sang in English, Hebrew and Arabic, with Yemenite-Israeli trio A-WA concluding the three-hour show with their performance.

The festival saw some 15,000 Londoners revel in Israeli culture, fashion and cuisine. Locals enjoyed culinary workshops provided by Israeli master chefs, as well as performances from an eclectic group of 120 Israeli vocalists, and an LGBT party over the weekend.

The festival encountered some opposition, and saw some anti-Israel BDS protestors demonstrate at the event. An unusual scene unfolded when Israeli Chef Shaul Ben Aderet handed out sweets to the protestors, which had originally been prepared for festival attendees.