Rivlin Hosts Big Jewish Pow-Wow

Photo courtesy President's office

By Judy Maltz Haaretz.com It was an unusual scene at the Israeli president’s house on Thursday morning, almost surreal. Gathered under one roof were roughly 100 Israelis from across the religious spectrum, all participating in a Jewish studies … [Continue reading]

A Day Like Today in Jerusalem

temple destruction

As funders, we need to stop watching [the] deterioration of civility from the sidelines. We certainly are part of the problem, but we are also part of the solution. By choosing who, what, and how we fund, we can reward or punish specific behaviors. … [Continue reading]

A Case and Call for Impact Evaluation – Even in Jewish Experiences


By Adam Naftalin-Kelman and Beth Cousens So, you run a program, and your colleagues ask you the next morning, How did it go? What do you answer? We wager that most of us give the following answers, in the following order: We got more … [Continue reading]