You Need Blogs in Your Media Plan

The influence, and reach, of the blogosphere continues to grow. Despite the naysayers, blogs are playing an influential role in delivering both news and opinion – often ahead of more traditional media.

The Jewish world is no different, with literally thousands of blogs, on every subject you can imagine.

If you are responsible for your nonprofits’ media communications, and have not identified the key blogs in your area of interest, you need to begin now. Blogs are not going away anytime soon.

Here’s a good starting point from

Successfully Pitch a Blogger in 4 Steps

These days, you are as likely to be pitching your nonprofit story idea to a blogger as to a traditional media outlet.

Here are four steps to approaching a blogger with your nonprofit story:

  1. Learn about the blogger and then personalize your approach.
  2. Make your pitch a quick, concise read.
  3. Offer something that is unique.
  4. Give the blogger lots of resources.

Remember, you need to Prepare Before You Pitch to a Blogger. Here’s more.