What’s Up at JGooders?

JGooders.com, an online donation portal for the Jewish world, is apparently undergoing some type of restructuring. The site was launched to huge fanfare at the 2008 GA in Jerusalem.

We have been hearing for a while they were re-thinking their business strategy and today, on his personal blog, David Sheen, JGooders content editor, wrote, “Unfortunately, the Board of Directors of the company decided to put a temporary halt to all of the company’s activities while they reevaluate their chosen corporate model.” Sheen continues, “I sincerely hope that they can come to a new consensus and reactivate operations …”

eJewish Philanthropy has been unable to reach any of the principals connected to JGooders for additional information.

update May 20: Confirming JGooders is discussing changes to how they do business, co-founder and board member Ronit Dolev tells us this morning, “the site is still receiving and processing donations as usual and continues to provide support for NPOs”.