What Videos do I Need for my Marketing Funnel?

By Josh Gold

In the past, we’ve introduced the idea that marketing is a process that – at its best – uses every interaction to bring a prospect one step closer to committing to your cause.

We recommend envisioning your relationship with your supporters as a funnel.

At the outset, you’re aiming to raise awareness among a wider audience. Once you’ve cultivated initial interest, your communications get more and more targeted towards the actions that will encourage a final decision.

We always say that there’s no such thing as a perfect video. Instead, there are different videos that are best suited to different occasions. It can be easier to understand this once you become familiar with the marketing funnel. If you think in terms of what stage of awareness your target audience is at, you’ll be prepared to match them with the video
that will answer their needs most effectively.

Let’s dig into some specifics.

Stage 1: Lead Generation

In the beginning, aim for awareness. You’re reaching out to people who may never have heard of you before; even if they do know some things about you, they’re not at all emotionally invested. You’re not going to get a donation right away.

With the right tools, though, you may garner curiosity, compassion, or sympathy. Your objective is to use these emotions to motivate people to follow up on what they’ve seen.
To accomplish this, you need a short ad so catchy, endearing, or striking that viewers immediately want to know more.

These videos often make themselves relevant to the audience by describing a problem in a creative, memorable way and positioning your organization as the solution:

  • The Jewish future needs preserving – we can do that!
  • Caring for children with disabilities takes over your life – we can help!
  • Alternatively, the video can paint a dynamic picture that invites further investigation: Be charmed by this hilarious or heartwarming scenario; feel the ache of this harrowing one. Go here to learn more.

Lead generation requires some form of advertising or outreach, whether in print, video, or through word of mouth. By blasting these ads strategically across social media, distributing via mailing lists and sharing across YouTube, we generate interest and drive traffic to your website.

Stage 2: Lead Nurture

If someone expresses interest in your organization, it’s your job to nurture and grow that spark.

You need to make your value clear so that they continue to investigate, continue to move towards commitment. They’ll want to know what you’re really about and how that makes you different from other similar NPOs. Don’t give generic answers to this question. Your objective isn’t just to have a form response, but rather to resonate emotionally.

Our most popular video genre is the Identity Film, which articulates your unique mission so that you can share it in all the appropriate contexts – on your homepage, in a meeting, or at an event. There are a number of different styles you can use, depending on your taste and character as an institution.

We’re big fans of the interview-based format, which lets your staff or constituents speak genuinely and passionately about your cause. This provides an honest and organic quality that is not easily replicated, building trust with your audience and giving them the confidence to take the next step.

Another possibility are Success Story videos, which immerse viewers in a vicarious experience that they can then apply to their own lives. You can create several of these that are each designed to resonate with a particular demographic.

You may also want to create videos to spice up your social media presence, newsletters, webinars – whatever form of interaction you’re using to develop and solidify this relationship.

Stage 3: Closing

At this stage, prospect are moving through your site or sitting in meetings with a high degree of actionable interest.

They have specific questions and are looking for practical answers. You’ve sold them on the big picture; now they want reassurance that you really will be able to deliver everything as promised.

Testimonials are a good idea here, especially in video form. Candid, natural words and gestures convey sincerity more effectively than any words on a page. The viewer will be able to see that real people value and appreciate your work.

This is also the perfect time to direct prospects toward an FAQ. Consider producing a collection of informational videos that explain specific services or opportunities, or that respond to common concerns. Show them that you understand the circumstances they’re navigating and are equipped to handle them for the best possible outcome.

You can follow these videos with a call to action: Want to learn more? Enter your email/ phone and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.

This allows you to step in and start a conversation at a crucial moment of interest. Someone who is watching these videos may well have questions. By offering them a consultation, you’re helping them cross the line from theory to active planning and reality.

Next Steps

Obviously, there are more video ideas out there than we have space to list here. How do you know if your latest brainstorm is the way to go? Ask yourself some questions:

  • What are your current marketing needs? Where do they fall on the funnel?
  • Is this the right video to meet those objectives?
  • Where are you planning to utilize it – on your website? At an event? What audience will have access to it?

With these practical questions in mind, you’ll get the most out of every video.

Josh Gold, owner of Serio Films, has spent the past eight years working with nonprofits to grow their brands through video-based marketing. Josh can be reached at josh@seriofilms.com.