What Social Good Does Well

from Mashable:

How Social Good Has Revolutionized Philanthropy

The term “Social Good” has been bandied about, but pinning down exactly what it means in concrete terms can sometimes be tricky. Is social good the same as “the common good”? Is it the same as normal fundraising? Is it just online giving, or is it particular to social networks and web trends?

Social good is equal parts online fundraising and advocacy via social networks. While the Internet has been used before by non-profits and charities to raise money, social good implies more than just money changing hands. Social good campaigns often combine the ability of the Internet to find, introduce and bond communities around a common interest. That interest, in this case, is usually a problem worth fixing.

… Ultimately, social good is defined as much by its process as the end result. It is, however, more than just fundraising by using social media. So what is it? While it’s impossible to suss out every nuance of the phrase, we spoke with four non-profits in the social good space to better grasp what social good does well. They collectively and separately saw it in terms of community building, public advocacy, wide-reaching awareness, and low-cost social impact.