We Have All Lost

Excerpted from an editorial in The Jewish Week:

Helping Jews Fight Fair

How are we to respond when Jewish cultural institutions are accused of hurting Israel’s cause by presenting exhibits, films or performances critical of particular aspects of the Jewish state’s policies?

These complaints have been heard of late from a small but vocal number of critics of the JCC in Manhattan and the Foundation for Jewish Culture, two institutions with a proud record of supporting Israel and Jewish artists, nurturing their work and helping to create and strengthen Jewish identity, culture and community.

The critics are calling on these and other Jewish institutions to formally distance themselves from any groups supportive of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement.

… The controversy underscores the deep division in the American Jewish community regarding Israel today, between left and right, between hawks and doves, when each side seems convinced that the other’s approach could prove fatal to Jerusalem.

There are no easy answers here, and we believe in vigorous debate on such important issues. But when Jews accuse other Jews of traitorous motives, in the name of protecting Israel, we have all lost.