Tomorrow is Today

First conceptualized in 2000, “Tomorrow” has arrived. In just a few short hours, Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, will officially open the first Presidential conference, Facing Tomorrow at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center.

With 15 sitting presidents, leaders from 27 additional countries and 3500 guests, this invitational only event includes, world leaders (past and present), Jews and non-Jews, thinkers and doers, artists and scientists, rabbis and entrepreneurs, including the next generation of leadership, who will all contribute to the conference’s work. Participants have traveled to Jerusalem from all countries with which Israel enjoys diplomatic relations, as well as from several countries whose relations have not yet been formalized.

The primary aim is to examine what the future holds for the global community, the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

One featured exhibit, “Tomorrow’s Horizon”, is an original exhibition designed to provide a stage for leading scientific innovations strategically valuable to the future of the State of Israel, the Jewish People and the community of nations.

There will also be a special salute to the United States, which has been Israel’s strongest and most beneficial supporter since the creation of the State.

As for me, I’m delighted to have received an invitation to attend; even if a perusal of the 76 page program seems to indicate the subject of philanthropy m-i-a.

I particularly will be looking forward to a few sessions: Grooming the Future Leadership of Israel and the Jewish People, Israel and the Diaspora: Aliyah and the Special Relationship (which features several friends on the panel) and a plenary session on the Internet and New Media scheduled for the last morning. Featured speakers at that session include News Corps Rupert Murdoch, Google founder Sergey Brin and former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel. I hope to write about these and also provide links to other news articles or blog posts you may find of interest.

So, we’ll see you later from Tomorrow. Extensive Conference coverage, in English, is found on the official event site.


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein, Conference program faceplate


update: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has canceled his plan to give a detailed speech on Israel-Diaspora relations at the opening session of the Conference later today.