Today: Elie Wiesel Interview Streamed Live

elie-wiesel-medToday, May 18th, at 9:00 AM EDT, Nobel Prize-winning author Prof. Elie Wiesel will be interviewed live by Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Steve Linde surrounding the opening of the first public Holocaust education center in Romania in Wiesel’s childhood home in the town of Sighet.

The interview will be streamed live and can be viewed here.

The “Holocaust Cellar” will become a new feature of the existing Holocaust museum in Prof. Wiesel’s pre-war home, in the old Jewish Ghetto of Sighet in Maramures County. The Cellar will serve as a learning center dedicated to the 13,000 local Jewish Holocaust victims.

The opening of the Holocaust Cellar is sponsored jointly by the Government of Romania, the City of Sighet, the Claims Conference, the Romanian Jewish Federation and Limmud FSU. This is the first in a series of events that will mark 70 years since the expulsion of the last Jews of Northern Transylvania to Auschwitz. Among the events in Sighet this weekend was a concert memorializing Holocaust victims last night.