Time to Pay it Back: A Simple Proposition for Jewish Professionals

I have seen the personal pride of my colleagues every time they visit Israel; the smile on their face when they pass an elderly Russian couple in a supermarket; the sense of accomplishment hearing a young adult recount their birthright experience; the satisfaction knowing that throughout North America thriving Jewish communities work 24/7 to keep alive the flame of caring and mutual responsibility.

Jewish communal work has given our lives meaning and purpose. And while most of us do not have great fortunes to pledge we possess a wealth of professional equity that can and should be reinvested in the collective future. I therefore call on beloved comrades in arms to join in a simple pledge:

“I pledge that at such time as I am financially able to do so I will donate at least 50% of my professional time and expertise in service to communal efforts and the needs of others.”

Bob Hyfler