This Is All One Big Overblown Latke

from The New York Times:

DSC_4827 (Large).JPGWashington Fuss Over White House Hanukkah Party

… to the dismay of some administration officials, the plans for next week’s party – one of the hottest holiday events for the nation’s Jewish elite – have been overtaken by feverish debate over the size of the guest list, the language on the invitations and what this says (or does not say) about Mr. Obama’s relationship with Jews.

… Rabbi Levi Shemtov, who is overseeing the process of making the White House kitchen kosher for the party, said he was besieged with questions about the issue on a recent trip to Israel.

“This is all one big overblown latke,” the rabbi said.

“I feel that we need to save our communal kvetching in reserve for when it’s more called for and really matters,” he continued.

image: National Menorah lighting, 2008