The World Around Us

Following are items on other Web sites that are of interest to our Jewish philanthropic world.

from The Jerusalem Post:

New humanitarian group aims to train Jewish leaders to ‘fix world’

There’s a lack of young Jewish-Israeli leaders in the Tikkun Olam world, contend Adam LeAdam [Human being to Human being] founders Uri Amit and Yarden Tenenbaum.

Recognizing that lack in the field of humanitarian projects abroad, the two, both former emissaries of the Jewish Agency came together to form Adam LeAdam and develop a program to train and support future leaders, both Israelis and Jews from the Diaspora.

Their philosophy is at once avant garde and traditional. Unlike others of their peers who divide their “Jewish” and “Israeli” identities, they see the two as inseparable parts of a complex whole – which should anchor and guide one’s actions.

from The Forward:

Leaders of Indie Prayer Groups Get Grants, Become Mainstream Darlings

Independent minyans — those scrappy, do-it-yourself Jewish communities that have sprung up from Boston to Seattle and many places in between — largely have been defined by a central characteristic: They exist in the margins of the mainstream Jewish world.

But that may be changing.

If the past year is any indication, independent minyans — part of a growing number of alternative spiritual collectives known as “emergent Jewish communities” — are the new darlings of the Jewish philanthropic establishment. Long-standing foundations, previously worlds apart from the alternative communities that have recently energized young Jews, are for the first time funneling significant dollars to leaders of independent minyans.

also from The Forward:

What Makes Edgar Run?

One has to be in a coal mine in Uzbekistan to be unaware of the Bronfmans, particularly Edgar M. Bronfman and his Jewish communal activities…

As a philanthropist, he has had a critical involvement in the acclaimed Birthright Israel programs — and so has his philanthropist brother Charles, benefactor of one of the more creative foundations in the Jewish world. But the story begins earlier, with the family patriarch, whiskey baron Samuel Bronfman…