The Week That Was

A new feature – appearing every Sunday – on the eJewish Philanthropy website: the five most popular posts of the previous week.

Will Bob Marley’s Grandchildren Be Jewish?
by Paul Golin

For decades now, panicked voices in the Jewish community have responded to the high rates of intermarriage by asking the provocative question, “Will your grandchildren be Jewish?”

The Kids are All Right
by Yehuda Kurtzer, PhD

The conversation that is sorely lacking in the Jewish professional world is what we are offering to our colleagues and employees that keeps them oriented towards the specific demands of this work – to the missions and goals that come with working on behalf of the Jewish people and its institutions.

Peoplehood vs. Zionism
by David Breakstone

Type “peoplehood” into a Microsoft Word document and it’s going to appear as a mistake.
That’s a bit worrisome, given the increasing emphasis being put on the concept within certain circles intent on looking after the Jewish future. My problem, though, is not that Word doesn’t recognize the notion, but that its proponents don’t recognize, a priori, the vital role Israel plays in assuring the continuity to which they are committed.

Talk Tachlis? Try Talking Like You Do With Your Friends!
by Marc N. Blattner

The organized Jewish communal leadership is masterful at talking to itself. We use “insider” terms that most Jews do not use in their everyday life. Although I am a professional in the field, I am trying to think of the last time my friends (all in their 30s and 40s) talked about Jewish peoplehood, Jewish continuity, Israel-Diaspora relations, innovation, and all the other important buzzwords we like to share.

The Day the Music Died?
by Bob Goldfarb

From the reactions to the closing of JDub Records, you might imagine that it was the only music company serving younger Jews.