The Week That Was: November 6-12

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A 20th Century Solution to 21st Century Problems
by Jay Michaelson

To praise, as JFNA chair Kathy Manning does, “the ability of our leaders to determine the greatest needs of the Jewish world” is as anachronistic as the 8-track tape. What Jewish world? What leaders? What needs? Are we really to suppose that top-down planning will accurately identify, prioritize, and address a unified set of needs that somehow applies to the secular Russian diaspora, Haredim in Ariel, and communities at risk in the developing world?

The Jewish Federations’ Big Gamble
by Dan Brown

That the world has changed is apparently a lesson the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) has failed to grasp. With the passage this week of the highly controversial Global Planning Table, JFNA – and as a result the Jewish philanthropic world – has taken a significant step backwards.

Inaugural Prize Recognizes Promising Jewish Educators

Five promising Jewish educators from across the country are the first-ever recipients of The Pomegranate Prize, established by The Covenant Foundation to honor and nurture exceptional, emerging professionals.

Is Jewish Identity in America Half Full or Half Empty?
by James Hyman

A recent study by the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University found that there are over 6 million people who self identify as Jews in the United States. But we also know that many of them don’t understand their heritage and are drifting away from the institutional Jewish community. Why is this happening and how can education re-connect Jews with community?

The Launch of NetWORKS: Exploring the Power and Possibilities of Networks in the Jewish Community

A multi-day invitation-only gathering is bringing together leading thinkers, experts, innovators and activists to discuss the impact and implications of networks and network-thinking for the future of the Jewish community.

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