The Week That All Jewish Women Turned Invisible

By the women* you can’t see and whose voices you can’t hear
(but who are listed at the bottom of the piece to give credit to the women behind the words)

Once upon a time, there was a Jewish community with lots of organizations. These organizations had leaders, and when the leaders were ready to retire, they launched a search for their successors. The leaders retiring were men. The heads of the hiring committees, mostly consisting of men, were also men. And, most of the successors they chose were men. Then, men journalists interviewed these men about their organizations and all the sources were men. And then, one of those organizations, helmed in the past by a man who had just ceded his position to another man, held a panel to talk about serious issues in the Jewish community. That panel had four panelists: all men. Before they spoke, three other men framed the issue. Collectively, these men talked and made important proclamations about the current state of the American Jewish community. They spoke of maintaining tradition and Jewish identity while demanding that their voices be heard in the larger American landscape.

Meanwhile, in a nearby Facebook village, there was a group of bright, talented, insightful, intelligent Jewish women and non-binary people who had been working in various aspects of Jewish communal life for collective centuries. These women collectively had produced hundreds of works of literature and journalism; crafted educational curricula; led social justice movements; spoken out for equality, safety and inclusion; dismantled hierarchies and woven networks; fundraised and overseen budgets of millions, managed hundreds of employees, forged their own organizations and contributed mightily to the organizations that fuel contemporary Jewish communal life. They were rabbis and writers and educators and program directors and theologians and farmers and lawyers and professors and researchers and social activists and CEOs. They were used to being underpaid and overlooked for career advancement, and were making small strides towards the professional spotlight, which always seemed to keep moving as they approached it. In their private Facebook space, they shared empowering and deflating moments and bonded over successes and challenges. When one of them was recognized, they all rejoiced as if the triumph was theirs. And when one of them shared moments of feeling invisible, others stepped forward with their own stories, keeping them company and providing them with inspiration.

But, one week, things went too far.

With all the turnover in these Jewish communal leadership positions – some of which included C-suite level women but whose appointments weren’t considered newsworthy – they couldn’t help but wonder if women had been considered at all. And when journalists omitted women’s voices from their articles, and interviewed the former heads of organizations instead of the women who are currently in those head leadership roles, and when “manels” (i.e. all male panels) continued to proliferate seemingly unchecked, they found themselves understanding that the road ahead was vexingly brambled: to move ahead, they’d have to fight to keep history in the past and forge a different future in solidarity with each other.

Now these women were eminently capable beings. But they wondered, where was the support of men who proclaimed themselves to be feminists, allies or partners? Perhaps the coalition for equality was particularly weak because the few men who identified as and behaved like partners were on sabbatical or taking leaves of absence from social media. And then they realized: they could only name a handful of those outspoken allies. That was part of the problem.

Maybe men didn’t realize what being an ally meant – that it’s not something one can simply claim as an ideology without action. Ally is a verb.

Maybe they viewed it as a women’s fight, with men’s responsibility only to say, “I support you” and “you’ve got this.” Maybe men thought they were helping or didn’t want to be accused of playing Prince Charming, trying to rescue a damsel in distress. Maybe they didn’t want to be accused of mansplaining. Maybe they would have stepped up if they saw open misogyny, but they didn’t even notice the absence of women’s voices. This doesn’t make them bad people. But maybe men needed it spelled out for them. Because women really do need them as partners. 

And so these eminently capable beings spelled it out. They said:

  1. Refuse all invitations to serve on a manel,” an allmale panel, and call them out when you see them. If you’d like to learn more about what this means you can begin to change the conversation with these resources provided by Advancing Women Professionals and The Jewish Community. 
  2. Cite womens voices equally. If you write articles about men taking over legacy organizations, also write articles about women and non-binary people taking over legacy organizations. If you write articles about men taking over legacy organizations, invite reactions from men, women and non-binary individuals. If you write anything about anything, make sure diverse voices are included.
  3. Ensure gender representation/balance on hiring committees. Work to make sure that the hiring committee is aware of implicit bias, and that the hiring process is designed to work around implicit bias to hire the most qualified candidate.
  4. Recommend women as candidates for jobs and board positions. Answer queries like, “Do you know anyone who might be interested in this position?” with a gender-balanced list of names. Make sure to consider women for organizational lay leadership roles as well. If you don’t have a list of incredible qualified women at hand, take a moment now to start writing your list or consider asking trusted colleagues for names of smart women they might suggest to fill these roles. And always make sure to list salary ranges on job descriptions so women get fair pay.
  5. Think about the space you take up and commit to listening. Notice when women’s voices are not being heard in a room and elevate them. Be committed to hearing their voices. Engage the best of your listening capacity and create  spaces where we listen first and speak second. And when women tell you they’re uncomfortable, believe them.
  6. Notice interruptions. Are non-male voices being cut off, talked over, or ignored as a conversation is re-directed? Use your voice to include others who are being overlooked or dismissed. Make sure you aren’t the one interrupting. And if someone has cut off a woman’s voice, say, “I was really interested to hear what X person had to say” and redirect back to them.
  7. Dont settle for token inclusion. Adding a woman to a table of men doesn’t create change. Including a few extra women to round out a group of men is nice, but only progressing toward a critical mass – and listening to the women who are included – will lead us toward gender balance. Because when women are represented, we all do better
  8. Audit your media consumption. Are all the books you read and movies you watch written by men? Are all the protagonists male? Are women given roles more significant than “wife” or “girlfriend” or “damsel in distress”? Do you know about the #seeher campaign? Does that movie you love pass the Bechdel test? Expand your media intake to include women authors, directors and protagonists. If you need some suggestions, ask a woman and then share the recommendations with another male colleague.
  9. Give credit where credit is due. This is a deeply Jewish value drawn from Pirkei Avot 6:6, where we learn that the Torah is acquired in a multitude of ways and the final way we are taught to acquire Torah is this one: “Thus you have learned: everyone who says a thing in the name of the person who said it brings deliverance into the world, as it is said: ‘And Esther told the King in Mordecai’s name’ (Esther 2:22).” If you’re sharing someone’s idea, share the source of the idea and confirm its true origin. If you know someone isn’t getting credit for their creativity, art, idea, or initiative, speak up and take action to make sure their value is seen by others.
  10. Stand up for women. Advocate – in writing, on social media, in the boardroom – for equal pay, better work-life policies, comprehensive family leave policies, and more equitable, transparent methods for recruiting senior executives and awarding prestigious prizes and fellowships for women. Be an advocate: Reproductive health, rights, and justice, as well as violence against women, aren’t just issues for women and women’s groups. Recognize that Jewish women – like the Jewish community – are multiracial, multiethnic, multi-gendered and come from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, and we experience all the challenges of being women through a multitude of other identities as well. While you should never decide, or even comment on, what women should be doing with their bodies, make sure to engage and advocate alongside women on the issues most critical to their rights today and be a mentor to strong women to strengthen the future of our organizations.
  11. Ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for all. Are you making business decisions with other male colleagues after-hours at bars, in jacuzzis, on golf courses, on boating expeditions, on the other side of the mechitzah, or at other bro-culture outings or experiences without engaging the voices and opinions of your female colleagues? Are you choosing to take closed door meetings with men, but not women? Create rules for yourself that can be applied to all on your team equally. And, yes, it still has to be said: Don’t comment about how women dress or walk or about the pitch of their voice or if or when they might have children or tell them to smile more. Develop and implement business rules and culture that can apply to all team members, regardless of gender. 
  12. End the Wage Gap. Women become more visible to you and others when they  are paid adequately and equitably – and for Jewish women of color, this deficiency is even more pronounced. The men being touted by other men as great leaders can demonstrate their greatness by ending the wage gap in their institutions and influencing others to follow their lead.
  13. Read this report on sexual harassment in Jewish institutions. The Safety Respect Equity Coalition released a first-of-its-kind report written by Dr. Guila Bechimol and Marie Huber on sexual harassment and victimization within the Jewish communal world titled “We Need to Talk: A Review of Public Discourse and Survivor Experiences of Safety, Respect and Equity in Jewish Workplaces and Communal Spaces.” This inaugural research examines the experiences of victim-survivors, the factors that contribute to victimization, responses by Jewish institutions and leaders, and how we can improve our institutions to create safer, more respectful environments for work, community, and worship. 

Having offered these concrete steps to their male colleagues, the women leaned back from their respective keyboards and thought about what might happen next. They hoped, and some believed, that the men in their lives – personally and professionally – would take the list seriously. They hoped, and some believed, that organizational leadership would understand that they could strengthen themselves by creating gender-equal representation that better reflects the population they serve. They knew that while approximately 70% of the employees of Jewish organizations are women, only 30% of the C-suite are women. They knew women who lead Jewish organizations are less likely to have the title of CEO than men who fill the same role in similar organizations.

But they still needed partners: the men who notice when the boys’ club starts making decisions over cigars and whiskey, the men who serve as gatekeepers to conversations women should be included in. They needed men to invite women to have a seat – their seat, if necessary – at the table. They needed men to acknowledge and respect their level of educational achievement and intellectual inquiry, to call them “rabbi” and “cantor” and “doctor” and “professor” or by the other titles that they have earned. That’s what being an ally looks like.

It took a while for the men who read these suggestions to understand that they were being called-in, not called-out, and to implement changes in their own lives and respective workplaces. But soon, they were working in partnership with the women whom they respected and admired to ensure diverse voices were helping to shape the Jewish future… 

Boards of directors achieved gender equality, women were considered for – and, at least 50% of the time, appointed to – top positions, with equal pay. And when they saw women being erased in any form – their voices suppressed or their images digitally removed from flyers and newspapers or not being represented on expert panels – these men always spoke up, despite the emotional energy it required. When the world became a space for equality and partnership, people soon forgot it had been anything else. And as for “manels”? Well, that was never really a word to begin with – so when the concept became obsolete, no one even noticed when the word faded away.

And the men, and the women, and the gender non-conforming, and the Jews of color, and the LGBTQ Jews, and the affiliated and the unafilliated Jews, the working-class Jews, and the intermarried, the intramarried, the unmarried, and the people who didn’t define themselves by a marital stage, and the CEOs and consultants and board members and lay leaders and fundraisers and network weavers and writers and educators and everyone else all lived in a thriving Jewish community together, happily ever after. 

Are you in? Because we need you with us. Share this article, use the hashtag #EquityEverAfter, tag the women leaders whose voices you admire and want to uplift, and make your own personal commitment to elevating women’s voices going forward. Let’s build this new reality together.

*By ‘women,’ we refer to cisgender women, trans women, and anyone who identifies with the term ‘woman’.

**And yes, this is bad for all women and it’s even worse for women of color and women with disabilities who disproportionately become invisible in the national conversation and every day meetings.

Co-authored by the women of the 5779: Year of the Jewish Woman Facebook Group including:

Jamie Allen Black, CEO, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, @JamieAllenBlack

Joy Ladin, David and Ruth Gottesman Chair in English, Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, @joyladin

Shifra Bronznick, Founder of Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community

Miriam Brosseau, Principal, Tiny Windows Consulting, @miriamjayne

Rachel Gildiner, Founder, 5779: Year of the Jewish Woman, @rlg131

Ginna Green, Chief Strategy Officer, Bend the Arc, @ginnagreen

Sheila Katz, CEO, National Council of Jewish Women, @SheilaKatz1

Idit Klein, CEO, Keshet

Esther Kustanowitz, Writer and Consultant, @EstherK

Sara Shapiro-Plevan, Founder, Rimonim Consulting/Co-Founder, The Gender Equity in Hiring Project @shaplev

Halie Soifer, Executive Director, Jewish Democratic Council of America, @HalieSoifer

Contributors and cosigners (organizations listed for identification purposes only):

  1. Shaina Abrams-Kornblum, Regional Manager, Moishe House
  2. Rabbi Rachel Adler, Ellenson Professor of Modern Jewish Thought, Hebrew Union College
  3. Rabbi Julia Appel
  4. Rabbi Mona Alfi, Cong. B’nai Israel
  5. Karen Alpert, Vice President of IT Strategy and Measurement, BBYO
  6. Melissa Balaban, CEO and co-Founder, IKAR
  7. Rabbi Jessica Barolsky
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Updated: August 20th with additional cosigners Listed in chronological order (of cosigning)

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  76. Leah Meir, Program Officer, The AVI CHAI Foundation, @leahmeir
  77. Lisa Colton, President, Darim Online, @lisacolton
  78. Allison Buchman
  79. Sarah Cytryn, Director of Recruitment and Sales, Ramah Israel
  80. Brenda L.S. Footer, Director, PJ Library in Baltimore, Macks Center for Jewish Education, @FooterBrenda
  81. Julie Golde, Senior Director, Community Impact, Jewish Community Federation
  82. Shoshanna R. Schechter, MA, Ed.D candidate
  83. Rabbi Sara Luria, Beloved Brooklyn
  84. Dr. Lauren Applebaum, Director, DeLeT
  85. Jen Vegh, Director of Community Engagement, Maharat, @jenvegh1
  86. Dr. Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph, Makom Kaddish:The Jewish Fellowship of Chester County
  87. Judith Belasco, Executive Vice President, Hazon
  88. Helen Bennett, Director, Tzedek Lab
  89. Rabbi Tracy Nathan, Senior Educator, Center for Jewish Learning, Jewish Federation of St. Louis
  90. Laura Hemlock, Planning Executive, UJA-Federation of New York, @lauramenorah715
  91. Terry Waslow, MBA, Executive Director, CSJO
  92. Rabbi Sarit Horwitz, Beth Sholom Synagogue, Memphis TN
  93. Jessica Emerson McCormick, Director, Rabbinic Fellowship, Jewish Emergent Network
  94. Rabba Sara Hurwitz, Yeshivat Maharat/Hebrew Institute of Riverdale
  95. Rabbi Risa Weinstein
  96. Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, Bayit: Building Jewish, @velveteenrabbi
  97. Jodi Ochstein, President, Ochstein Strategies, @jodiochstein
  98. Rabbi Penina Alexander
  99. Sharon Lipton, Vice President, National Council of Jewish Women
  100. Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler, Director of Spiritual Development, Yeshivat Maharat
  101. Deborah Schultz, Founder, Equestrian Athletic Mission, Israel, @Debs
  102. Susan Weidman Schneider, Editor in Chief, Lilith Magazine, @LilithMagazine
  103. Deborah Shub, Director, Leadership Development, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Chicago
  104. Esther Abramowitz, Associate Vice President for Global Israel Experiences, Hillel International
  105. Amanda Shechter, Executive Director, Yeshivat Maharat
  106. Jodi Bromberg, CEO, InterfaithFamily, @IFF_JodiB52
  107. Rabbi Eryn London
  108. Lauren Berger, Young Leadership Director, Milwaukee Jewish Federation
  109. Rabbi Lauren Tuchman
  110. Rabbi Keren Gorban, Temple Sinai
  111. Karen Paul, Principal, Catalyzing Philanthropy, @karendpaul
  112. Alli Lesovoy, NY Design Strategist, UpStart, @allileso
  113. Karyn Grossman Gershon, Executive Director, Project Kesher
  114. Rabbi Shayna Golkow, Temple Aliyah
  115. Rabbi Cantor Raina Siroty, The Jewish Temple-Alexandria, LA
  116. Amy Asin, Vice President, Strengthening Congregations, Union for Reform Judaism, @amyasin18
  117. Rabbi Dr. Karen Reiss Medwed, @RabbiKgRM
  118. Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick, Temple Beth Am
  119. Cantor Jacqueline Marx, @JacquelineMarx4
  120. Alena Akselrod, Program Director, Leading Edge, @alyonkah
  121. Ann Tourk
  122. Dr. Claire E. Sufrin, Northwestern University
  123. Leah Finkelman, Youth Engagement Specialist, Temple Beth Elohim
  124. Talia Kushnick, @tkush1
  125. Emily Schrader, CEO, Social Lite Creative, @Gipperschutzpah
  126. Rabbi Samantha Frank, Temple Micah
  127. Gavriela Geller, Executive Director, JCRB|AJC, @GaviGeller
  128. Tamara Rebick, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, CORIPHERY Holistic Consulting Solutions
  129. Rabbi Marci Jacobs
  130. Rabbi Shira Wallach, Congregation Shearith Israel
  131. Drew Fidler, Director, BBYO Center for Adolescent Wellness, BBYO
  132. Dr. Jane Sherwin Shapiro, Orot:Center for New Jewish Learning
  133. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe, Director, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Brandeis University
  134. Shana P. Weiner, Equire, Founder/Executive Director, Dinah, @shana_weiner
  135. Shira Hecht-Koller, Esq., 929 English
  136. Barbara Dobkin, Trustee, Dobkin Family Foundation
  137. Carin Maher, Vice President, Talent Aquisition, Sageview Consulting, @carinmaher
  138. Dr. Sara Yael Hirschhorn, Visiting Assistant Professor in Israel Studies, Northwestern University, @SaraHirschhorn1
  139. Samantha Isenstein, Youth and Young Adult Director, Anshe Emet Synagogue
  140. Stephanie Fink, Associate Director, Family Engagement, Union for Reform Judaism, @ssfink
  141. Rabbi Marina Yergin, Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, @MarinaYergin
  142. Brenna Rosen, Repair the World
  143. Ashira Prizant
  144. Michelle K. Wolf, Founding Executive Director, JLA Special Needs Trust, @specialneedsima
  145. Rabbi Marianne Novak, Yeshivat Maharat, BJE Chicago, @the_rabbi_wears_prada
  146. Elisheva Gould, Learning Specialist, Rodeph Sholom School
  147. Shira Pruce, Director of Development and Communications, Project Kesher, @shirapruce
  148. Rachel Brodie, Senior Educator, Jewish Studio Project
  149. Ilana Aisen, Executive Director, JPRO Network
  150. Rabbi Denise Handlarski,, @rabbidenise
  151. Ari Brickman, Senior Philanthropic Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  152. Sarah Rubin Shapiro, Senior Philanthropic Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  153. Rabbi Jessy Dressin, Repair the World
  154. Alyssa Hartstein, Program Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, @arhartstein
  155. Risa Sugarman, @risasugs
  156. Micol Zimmerman Burkeman
  157. Ariel Sobel, Columnist|Jewish Journal, @arielsobelle
  158. Rabbi Rachel Blatt
  159. Erica Goldman, Director of Program and Operations, JPRO Network, @readdancebliss
  160. Rabbi Meredith Kahan, Rockdale Temple
  161. Maureen Sweeney, Executive Director, Temple Aliyah
  162. Arielle Branitsky, @ariellerachel
  163. Lindsay Kerr, Director of Hillel and Next Generation Engagement, Atlantic Jewish Council, @kerrlinds
  164. Rabbi Deborah Kahn-Harris, PhD, Leo Baeck College
  165. Rabbah Rona Matlow, @RabbahRona
  166. Miriam Caslow, M.D., Past President, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
  167. Emily Gindi, Board Member, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
  168. Nicole Nevarez, National Director, Ta’amod: Stand Up!
  169. Sarah Moody, Rabbinic Education Student, HUC-JIR, @someonessmoody
  170. Heather Paul, Assistant Director, Springboard Fellowship, Hillel International
  171. Rabbi Gabi Arad, Founder, Jewish Collaborative of San Diego
  172. Miriam May, Executive Director, Friends of Arava
  173. Robin S. Davis, @davis_robin
  174. Jill Goldenberg, President, Goldenberg Solutions Group and former Executive Director, PEJE, @goldenbergjill
  175. Ben Davis, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley
  176. Eva Gurevich, Doctoral candidate, Brandeis University
  177. Abigail Weinberg, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, @abbywe
  178. Liza Lieberman, Director of Public Policy, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, @lizarose31
  179. Jill Kaplan, YAD Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, @jillk118
  180. Rabbi Michael Mellen, @michaelmellen
  181. Natasha Mayer, Manager of Communications and Special Projects, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
  182. Aimee Baron, MD, Founder @iwassupposedtohaveababy
  183. Rachel Nelson, Director of Educational Initiatives & Intergroup Outreach, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland
  184. Jodi Garber-Simon, Marketing Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, @jodigwen
  185. Rachel Siegel, Director of Strategic Programs, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
  186. Lori Hope Lefkovitz, Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies, Northeastern University
  187. Rabbi Ariella Rosen
  188. Amy Gottlieb, @amybgottlieb
  189. Rabbi Yael Buechler, The Leffell School, @midrashmanicures
  190. Lindsay Goldman, Rabbinical School Student, Jewish Theological Seminary
  191. Rachel Wasserman, Executive Director, Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta
  192. Carly Ezell Lobenstein, Director of Community Engagement, Jewish Federation of San Diego
  193. Dr. Sarra Lev
  194. Lisa Schultz Golden, Chief Development Officer, Jewish Family Service of Seattle
  195. Gail Reimer, Founder, Jewish Women’s Archive
  196. Kara Blond, Executive Director of the Capital Jewish Museum
  197. Rabbi Kara Tav
  198. Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion
  199. Beth Cohn Copelovitch, Education Director, Beth Israel Center
  200. Rabbi Keara Stein
  201. Debbie Findling, EdD, Strategic Philanthropic Advisor, Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
  202. Jamie Lake, Director of Development, Keshet: Special Needs. Extraordinary Opportunities, @lakejamie
  203. Rachel Arcus-Goldberg, Head of School, Columbus Jewish Day School
  204. Cantor Cheryl Wunch, @cantorcwunch
  205. Ariele Mortkowitz, SVIVAH, @svivah1
  206. Rachel Gross, Executive Director, Temple Micah, @rachel_gross
  207. Rabbi Jill Cozen Harel, @jillzch
  208. Rabbi Sharon Litwin, Temple Shaaray Tefila, @rabsharon
  209. Rabbi Sue Shankman, CCAR
  210. Aviva Walls, Dean of Academic Affairs, Shalhevet High School
  211. Jordanna B. Amsel, Senior Development Officer, Shalom Hartman Institute
  212. Bracha Rutner, Yoetzet Halacha, Central/YUHSG, Kemp Mill Synagogue, Yoetzet Initiative of Greater Philadelphia, @bracharutner
  213. Judith Plaskow
  214. Lexi Bock Robbins, Director, Strategic Planning and Allocations, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  215. Guila Benchimol
  216. Nahma Nadich, Acting Executive Director, JCRC of Greater Boston, @NahmaNadich
  217. Lori Schulman Yadin, Founder, Create Safe Space, Inc., @las4hoping
  218. Alana Goldstein, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
  219. Dr. Susanna Garfein
  220. Sydney Ungar, Student Life Coordinator, Hillel at Kent State University, @sydneybelle11
  221. Jodi Sperling, Consultant and Trainer, Jodi Sperling Consulting
  222. Judith Selzer, President, Women’s Foundation of Florida
  223. Rabbi Sarah Krinsky, Adas Israel Congregation
  224. Dr. Joshua Schor, Daughters of Israel
  225. Marci Soifer, Director of Operations, Foundation for Jewish Camp
  226. Stephanie Schwartz, Founder and Principal, Little Bean Group
  227. Elise Braverman-Plotkin
  228. Lori Schuldiner Schor
  229. Rabbi Linda Joseph, @ravlinda
  230. Cindy Goldberg, @CGExperience
  231. Amalia Mark
  232. Rabbi Tamara Cohen, Moving Traditions, @Tamararco
  233. Rabbi Nicole Guzik, Sinai Temple
  234. Rachel Happel, Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, MA
  235. Rabbi Elyse Winick, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, @rewinick
  236. Naomi Less, Founding Ritual Leader, Lab/Shul, @jchicksrock
  237. Rachel Glicksman, Alumni Director, Avodah
  238. Myra Garber, President, NCJW Peninsula, @garber_myra
  239. Elisa Deener-Agus, Chief of Staff, Jewish Federation Greater Washington
  240. Rabbi Julie Schwarzwald, Director of Congregational Learning, Congregation B’nai Israel, Millburn, NJ
  241. Julie Sissman
  242. Rabba Rachel Kohl Finegold
  243. Ann Luban
  244. Beth Gansky, Executive Director, ACHARAI: The Shoshana S Cardin Jewish Leadership Institute
  245. Maggie Shapiro Haskett, Director, Washington and Lee Hillel
  246. Lauren Goldberg, Executive Director, Hillel at Ithaca College
  247. Marnie A.F. Stiglitz, Pressman Academy
  248. Nikki Golomb, Springboard Ezra Fellow, Hillel
  249. Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, Shir Tikvah
  250. Alina Gerlovin Spaulding
  251. Naomi J. Brunnlehrman, Co-Founder, Jewish Deaf Resource Center, Inc., @brunnlehrman
  252. Clare Goldwater
  253. Ms. Merle Feld, Poet, Spiritual writing mentor to rabbis and cantors, President of
  254. Shana Teig Kantor, Director of Advancement, Frankel Jewish Academy
  255. Sarah Allen
  256. Rabbi Rachel Safman, Ph.D., Congregation Beth El
  257. Rabbi Dr. Laura Gold, Ph.D., Rabbi and Clinical Psychologist, @RabDocLauraGold
  258. Rabbi Adina Allen, Jewish Studio Project, @JewishSP
  259. Rabbi Sigma Faye Coran, Rockdale Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio
  260. Samantha Raizen Walsh, Officer of Advancement & Alumni, Denver Jewish Day School
  261. Evonne Marzouk,@stillevonne
  262. Julie Wohl, Jewish educator, artist, author, The Macks Center for Jewish Education
  263. Dahlia Bendavid, Israel and Overseas Director, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, @Dahliabendavid
  264. Debra Barton Grant, CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, @dbartongrant
  265. Danielle Selber, Assistant Director, Tribe 12, @selbyblink
  266. Danielle Alexander, Director, Kehillah High
  267. Naomi Goldman, Principal, NLG Communications
  268. Nancy Shaw, Managing Director (former), Wilderness Torah, @nancyashaw
  269. Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, PhD, Senior Fellow, Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, @RabbiSabath
  270. Tzivia Schwartz Getzug
  271. Rabbi Ruth H. Sohn, HUC-JIR
  272. Jennifer S. Odintz
  273. Heather Martin, Chief Operating Officer, InterfaithFamily
  274. Susan Holzman Wachsstock, Chief Program Officer, The Jewish Education Project
  275. Dori Kirshner, Executive Director, Matan
  276. Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith
  277. Haley Schulman, Pardes
  278. Dr. Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Pop-Up Beit Midrash (London)
  279. Kayla Reisman, Shames JCC on the Hudson
  280. Rabbi Dana Z. Bogatz, First Hebrew Congregation, Peekskill, NY
  281. Ann Cohen, Executive Consultant & Coach to Jewish Professional and Board Leaders, @annfcohen
  282. Sherry Rosen
  283. Elana Kahn, Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, @Elanako
  284. Bess Adler, Director, New York Teen Initiatives, Jewish Education Project, @adlerbe
  285. Benita Marcus, Director, Donor Operations, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  286. Leora Y. Cohen, Hofstra Hillel
  287. Dr. Mijal Bitton, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America/the Downtown Minyan
  288. Diane Cutler Green, Director of Engagement, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  289. Naomi Adland, Director of Program Operations, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, @naomiadland
  290. Rabbi Alex Weissman, Senior Jewish Educator, Brown RISD Hillel
  291. Chen Yurista
  292. Rebecca Long, Digital Content Editor, The Jewish Women’s Archive, @bex_long
  293. Merrill Zack, Vice President, Community Engagement, HIAS
  294. Jory Hanselman, Director, BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy
  295. Tema Smith, Jewish professional and diversity advocate, @temasmith
  296. Rabbi Amber Powers, Executive Vice President, Reconstructing Judaism, @RabbiAmber
  297. Dr. Karla Goldman, Professor of Judaic Studies, University of Michigan
  298. Tresa Grauer, Ph.D., Vice President for Thriving Communities, Reconstructing Judaism
  299. Amy Bloom, Director, National Council of Jewish Women Miami, @amybloominc @ncjwmiami
  300. Rabbi Stephanie Kolin, Union Temple of Brooklyn
  301. Molly Wernick, Community Engagement at Habonim Dror Camp Galil, @mollydotorg
  302. Elissa Sard Pollack, Executive Director, Beth Israel Center
  303. Rebekah Thornhill Tokatlilar, Managing Director, NYU Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life, @bekahthornhill
  304. Adina Danzig Epelman, Vice President for Talent Growth and Hillel U, Hillel International
  305. Rabbi Ariann Weitzman, Bnai Keshet, Montclair, NJ, @AriannW
  306. Lindsay Flammey, Youth Engagement Specialist, Temple Beth Elohim, Wellesley MA
  307. Cheryl Cook, CEO, Avodah
  308. Stephanie Blumenkranz, Director of The Hadassah Foundation, @stephblumen @hadasshfdn
  309. Martha Ackelsberg, Professor Emerita, Smith College
  310. Hayley Wasser
  311. Sara Brenner
  312. Rabbi Yael Ridberg, Congregation Dor Hadash, @RabbiYRidberg
  313. Rabbi Jen Gubitz, Temple Israel of Boston, @ogubitzrules
  314. Dr. Idana Goldberg, The Russell Berrie Foundation, @Idana.goldberg
  315. Tehilah Eisenstadt, Director of Yachad & Family Engagement, CBE
  316. Ellie Gettinger, Education Director, Jewish Museum Milwaukee, @elliegettinger
  317. Michele Freed, Associate Director, National Young Leadership, ADL (Anti-Defamation League), @Freedmichele
  318. Eliana Glickman, Campaign Associate, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
  319. Jane-Rachel Schonbrun, Development Director, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires
  320. Rabbi Jill Maderer, Congregation Rodeph Shalom
  321. Barrett Harr, Behavioral Health Navigation, Jewish Family Service, @Barrett_Harr
  322. Rabbi Juliana S. Karol, Congregation Rodeph Sholom
  323. Nicole Samuel, Associate Research Scientist, Brandeis University
  324. Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Spiritual Director, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
  325. Rabbi Megan GoldMarche, Silverstein Base Hillel
  326. Rachel Roth, Chief Operating Officer, American Conference of Cantors, @mrsjrochicago
  327. Rabbi Rachael Jackson, Agudas Israel Congregation (NC)
  328. Hannah Spinrad, Atlanta Director of Community Engagement, Honeymoon Israel
  329. Debbie Yunker Kail, Executive Director, Hillel at Arizona State University
  330. Dr. Sarah Shulkind, Head of School, Milken Community Schools
  331. Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz, Temple Israel, @rabbikaren
  332. Rabbi Lisa Sari Bellows, Congregation Beth Am, @Lisabellows
  333. Hazzan Joanna S. Dulkin, Adath Jeshurun Congregation, @joannadulkin
  334. Rabbi Sherril Gilbert, ALEPH Canada
  335. Suzanne A. Bring, Senior Associate, Temple Beth El, Boca Raton
  336. Talia Kaplan, JTS rabbinical student, @tkaplan27
  337. Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Temple Isaiah
  338. Ariel Groveman Weiner
  339. Rabbi Jessica Lott, Hillel International, @ravlott
  340. Rabbi Miriam Liebman, Maryland Hillel
  341. Rabbi Sarah Meytin
  342. Avital Ingber
  343. Amy Martasin, Associate Vice President of Strategic Human Resources, Hillel International
  344. Shaina Wasserman, J Street, @wassermanshaina
  345. Amy Oringel, Editor, Fig Tree Books, @amyoringel
  346. Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice
  347. Rabbi Rayzel Raphael, Darkaynu Congregation
  348. Rabbi Myriam Klotz, Director of Spiritual Direction, HUC-JIR
  349. Rabbi Margot Stein, Beth Israel of Media, PA and Mishkan Shalom, @jewishspeclneed
  350. Allison Padilla-Goodman, PhD, ADL (Anti-Defamation League), @apadillagoodman
  351. Sivan Rotholz, Rabbinical & MARE Student, HUC-JIR
  352. Shauna Ruda
  353. Amy Saltzman, Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
  354. Rabbi Debbie Israel, Congregation Emeth
  355. Rabbi Esther Lederman, @LedermanEsther
  356. Jennifer Stone, Director of Student Life, Santa Barbara Hillel, @jenjenrock
  357. Rabbi Dr. Laura Novak Winer, Director of Clinical Education, Rhea Hirsch School of Education, HUC-JIR, @lnwiner
  358. Shifra Elman, Jewish Studies Teacher, Kehillah Jewish High School
  359. Claire Lipschultz, Board Director, NCJW, @clairelipschultz
  360. Deb Sewall, Past President, Temple Beth El, Augusta, Maine
  361. Adra Lustig, Director of Education, CAA
  362. Rabbi Laura Geller, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
  363. Cantor Julie Newman, President, Tiferet, @julieEnewman
  364. Chaplain Dvorah Telushkin, New Jewish Home
  365. Ellen Carmell, Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
  366. Alison Laichter, @alisonlaichter
  367. Mel Berwin, Director of Congregational Learning, Congregation Neveh Shalom
  368. Sarah Sokolic, Executive Director, Lab/Shul
  369. Nechama Tamler
  370. Jan Moidel Schwartz
  371. Cheryl Magen, CEO, Cheryl Magen Coaching & Consulting, LLC
  372. Miranda Abrams-Weisbuch
  373. Melissa Rosen, @melissafrosen
  374. Karen Radkowsky, President, Impact:NPO, @radkaren
  375. Dana Prottas, Senior Director of Teen Engagement, USCJ/USY
  376. Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, President, RespectAbility, @JLMizrahi
  377. Dr. Andrea Jacobs, Co-founder, Rally Point for Collaborative Change
  378. Tova Harris, Board Member, Jewish Multiracial Network (JMN), @sirrahavot
  379. Regina Kerr Alonzo, Director, Borgenicht Foundation
  380. Rebecca Missel
  381. Susan W. Turnbull, Former Board Chair, JWI and JCPA, @SusanWTurnbull
  382. Dani Kogan, Program Manager, JOFA
  383. Lisa B. Eisen, President, U.S. Jewish Portfolio, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation