The Trust Factor

from Charity Times (UK):

Third Sector has the highest level of trust in management

New research published today reveals that employees in the Third Sector have among the highest levels of trust in their senior management teams.

Research by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and Management Today shows that charity sector CEOs are among the most trusted…

The research revealed that length of tenure is a vital component of trust. The longer CEOs and line managers have been in post the more trust employees have in them.

Trust takes time to earn, and the research indicates that this is unlikely to be achieved in less than five years.

This is clearly demonstrated in the Third Sector, where length of service for CEOs is generally longer than average. 37% of charity and voluntary sector employees said that their CEO had been in post for more than five years, compared with only 23% in national/local government and 24% in the financial sector.

While CEOs of large organisations amassed a low Trust Index score, managers of smaller organisations – as observed in the Third Sector – engender the highest levels of trust in their staff. 61% of charity and voluntary employees surveyed came from companies with staff of 250 people or less.