The State of Fundraising On-line

More results from the Giving USA survey:

As part of an effort to contribute more to the understanding of on-line giving, Giving USA included questions about Internet use for fundraising in a survey of the public-society benefit subsector that was distributed in spring 2008.

The public-society benefit subsector includes combined funds such as United Way, Jewish federations, and freestanding donor-advised funds. It also includes organizations formed for research in the sciences or social sciences, policy institutions, advocacy groups focused on civil rights and voter education, community and economic development organizations, and groups working to serve veterans and military families.

Researchers at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, on behalf of Giving USA, looked at three questions:

  • What percentage or share of organizations use the Internet for fundraising?
  • Are organizations going beyond “give now” buttons to other uses for social networking or Internet-facilitated giving?
  • How much are organizations raising on-line? Is it a significant portion of their operations?

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