The Schechter Institutes Host 40 Jewish Educators for an Intensive Learning Marathon in Ukraine

Some 40 Jewish educators from Kiev, Odessa, Chernowitz, Kharkov, Berdichev, Lvov and Uzhgorod attended a 5-day Learning Marathon for Ukrainian Jewish teachers and informal educators sponsored by Midreshet Yerushlayim, a Ukraine-based educational arm of The Schechter Institutes.

During the academic year, all participants took part in a long-distance study program offered by Schechter. The program covered the basics of Jewish history, Tanach, and tefillah. Taught by top scholars and master educators, the courses increased the teachers’ Jewish awareness and equipped them to convey Jewish knowledge in the classroom and in summer camps and other educational settings.

With few professional networking platforms available to Jewish educators in Ukraine, the Learning Marathon was the culmination of the year, and offered a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange.

Midreshet Yerushalayim has been working in Ukraine since 1990.