The ROI Community Mobilizes for a Carmel Fire Relief Fund

by Justin Korda

The fire is finally out. Now the work begins.

Lynn Schusterman is challenging us, the members of the ROI Community –

For every donation made to the Carmel Fire Relief Fund by an ROI member or friend of a ROIer, Lynn will match that donation dollar for dollar. And for those of you here in Israel who are able to volunteer your time, efforts and resources – a donation to the fund will be made in your honor.

We encourage everyone to give a donation – even a small donation of $18. Using the power of our network these small sums can add up to a significant contribution. Donations of up to $500 will be matched dollar for dollar over the course of the next 10 days.

About the Fund and Volunteer Opportunities

The Carmel Fire Relief Fund was created by Israel Gives. Israel Gives, an organization established by ROIer Yonatan Ben-Dor, is providing immediate aid to non-profit relief agencies working in the field by channeling donated funds as needs arise. For more information about these organizations, and volunteer opportunities with them, click here.

Israel Gives has set-up a dedicated donation form for ROI members so that your donations can be generously matched very quickly.

If you are in Israel and are volunteering in any way, please let us know what you have done by sending an email to Shoshana ( A donation of $200 to the Relief Fund will be made in honor of your efforts and volunteer spirit.

Justin Korda is Executive Director of ROI: Young Jewish Innovators.