The Next Big Idea

The Charles Bronfman Visiting Chair in Jewish Communal Innovation at Brandeis: it’s been the talk of the Jewish world since it was announced in October. The JTA wrote about it and most Jewish papers around the world picked up the story. It has been the subject of countless blog posts. E-mails encouraging friends to submit their pet projects and ideas have been flying wildly across the oceans (trust me on this one). Aspiring academics are salivating at the rich rewards of the competition. The selection committee is probably reviewing proposals.

According to Jonathan Sarna, “…Charles Bronfman feels there may be lots of people who have those ideas and haven’t had a chance to put them on the table and work them out.”

But what if the idea is already on the table…what if the next big idea is staring us in the face…what if we are so ‘hung-up’ on finding that next big idea, we don’t realize…

we already have the perfect vehicle to transform how the Jewish community thinks about itself…


image source: JTA

Think about it.