The Need for Rigorous Data Hygiene Practices

Survey also says one in four consumers think badly addressed direct mail is a waste of money.

from ThirdSector (U.K.):

Fifteen per cent ‘wouldn’t read poorly addressed charity mail’

Fifteen per cent of consumers would not read poorly addressed charity direct mail and 10 per cent think it has a lasting and negative effect on their perception of the charity, a survey has shown.

In an online poll of more than 1,200 demographically representative UK adults, carried out by the direct mail specialists Onepost, W8data and, more than one in four of those polled thought that poorly addressed charity direct mail was a waste of money.

The survey found that consumers preferred receiving letters from charities rather than emails, phone calls and contacts through social media. Almost half said they would start donating to a new charity if they received relevant and well-targeted communication from it.