The Fundraising Challenges of 2010

No one can say for sure what 2010 will bring. Will there be an economic recovery? Will direct mail continue to be the king of individual giving results? Will a greater percentage of donors turn to the Web as their preference for giving?

Here from Network for Good are 5 Trends they anticipate will affect your fundraising in the months to come:

  1. You may see a greater number of donations with a smaller average gift size.
  2. As much as the media talks of a possible economic rebound, prospective supporters will still be wary of donating to new causes.
  3. Email outreach will continue its upward trend, meaning more email in subscribers’ inboxes.
  4. Recurring gifts will be a huge portion of online giving.
  5. As in the past, year-end gifts will account for a substantial percentage of total annual contributions.

What this means for you: You will need to work your hardest to make your mission accessible. Show where the money goes. Share the credit when your nonprofits does its great work. Make your supporters a part of the picture – not just an ATM in the background.

Your nonprofit needs to make recurring giving a priority in your online fundraising strategy – not a footnote. It needs to be an option every time a donor enters a gift amount.