The Curriculum Initiative Goes Local; Closes National Office

The Curriculum Initiative, an organization providing Jewish resources, student leadership opportunities and cultural programming on independent high school campuses, has closed their national offices and will now be operating out of local Jewish institutions.

According to TCI’s website, “The Curriculum Initiative (TCI) has operated in a unique space for the past fifteen years, straddling the Jewish community and the independent school community. TCI began as an educator-focused organization, and has transformed over the years to accommodate the changing needs of its students and educators. At this time, TCI is about to embark on a new chapter in its organizational evolution.”

With the beginning of the current school year, TCI’s work was officially welcomed as part of the Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE) in San Francisco/Bay Area and the Center for Jewish Education (CJE) in Baltimore. Adrian Schrek, Director of TCI at the BJE, and Neely Snyder, Director of Teen Engagement at the CJE, are continuing work with their contacts at the various schools and working with the new host organizations to establish the program in this new regional mold. TCI is continuing to explore the right host institution in New England and local stakeholders are working on the ground to try to determine the right next steps for this region. In DC, several parents are continuing TCI’s work in a limited way with one of the schools served.

In addressing the changes underway at TCI, Dana Raucher, Executive Director of The Samuel Bronfman Foundation and one of TCI’s lead funders, told eJP, “Members of the TCI national board have continued to work together throughout this transition, as many of them have the local contacts that made these partnerships gel. I believe we are looking at a stronger program as a result. This continues to be a gratifying and collaborative effort which I am honored that our foundation is able to continue to support.”