The Billionaire Board Members

from Forbes:

Billionaires On Board: Nonprofits With The Wealthiest Directors

If you live in New York City, or even pass through occasionally, you will have noticed Lincoln Center’s recent transformation from bleak collection of graying buildings to vast, sleek arts campus. In the past two years Lincoln Center’s leadership has spent roughly $1.2 billion overhauling public spaces and performance venues, with money coming from a long list of city, state, federal and corporate sources.

The renovations also attracted private donations, including $10 million from former Carlyle Group head David Rubenstein. The new David Rubenstein Atrium now sits alongside the Josie Robertson Plaza, not far from the David H. Koch Theater. If those surnames sound familiar, it is because these patrons are billionaires – or relatives of billionaires – on the Forbes 400 list: wealthy, powerful, prolific philanthropists. They’re also all connected to a Lincoln Center board member…

For nonprofit organizations like Lincoln Center, having wealthy, well-connected board members is critical to fundraising success.