The Big Razzie Goes to Rabbinical Council of America

The RCA, the rabbinic arm of the Orthodox Union, is the latest recipient of the “Golden Razzie” – awarded as needed to any organization lacking transparency in a big way.

Why you may ask does the Rabbinical Council deserve this questionable accolade: they have banned the media from their annual convention currently underway at Young Israel of Scarsdale. They are actually afraid the public may learn of their discussions concerning women’s leadership roles in the community.

This from Gary Rosenblatt in The Jewish Week:

In past years the RCA has eagerly sought press coverage for its annual conferences, which have shed light on the issues and personalities of the day. This year’s message – stay away and we’ll let you know about the resolution on women after the vote – reduces the three days of programs, with hundreds of rabbis, to one element. It’s more than a mistake, it’s a shame.