The Adidas Exchange Program to Take Place in Israel

Programs in the field of Development through Football in the Middle East region, and mainly Israel and the Palestinian Authority, are considered leaders, as tens of thousands of youth are active in different frameworks promoting education through football.

In a global trend to create regional alliances of civic society projects that produce cooperation and increase networking between organizations, Football for Hope, through the official partnership between FIFA and Adidas on corporate social responsibility, organises 3-day exchange on development through football for the first time in the region. All of the Israeli and Palestinian organizations that deal with the issue will be participating, including Mifalot – the Education and Social Project of Hapoel Tel Aviv, The “Twinned Peace Sport Schools”- the bi-national program of the Peres Center for Peace and the Al Quds Association, the Macabbim Association, CARE, the Al Kunio Organization and Football for Peace.

The goals of the conference, which will be held on November 7-9 in Neve Shalom, are to integrate the know-how in the field of sport with educational and social objectives and to create a joint knowledge base and a platform for continued action.