Texas Governor Gets Religious Protection Issue

from Chabad.org:

Question of Religious Protection Lands on Texas Governor’s Desk

Legislation currently on the desk of Texas Gov. Rick Perry would protect the freedom of Jewish homeowners to follow the Torah’s injunction to “write [these words] upon the doorposts of thy house and on thy gates.”

Perry’s office has not indicated how exactly the governor will decide on the issue, but if he signs the bipartisan bill into law, homeowners associations would be forbidden from prohibiting the display of a mezuzah … or other religious item.

… First drafted in 2009 as H.B. 3025, H.B. 1278 comes in response to the case of a Houston husband and wife who in 2007 were asked to remove their mezuzah from their apartment’s entryway or face fines. The condominium association claimed the display was against regulations.