Ten Rules for Fundraising Online

Rule #1: Don’t become invisible

If you build it, they won’t just come. Building an online brand is just as important and just as difficult as building an off-line brand.

Rule #2: It takes “know how” and vision
Your organization’s website is a marketing and fundraising tool. NOT A TECHNOLOGY TOOL. Fundraisers and marketers need to be driving the content, not the web developer.

Rule #3: It’s all about the donor
Put the Donor First! Know your contributors, let them get to know you.

Rule #4: Keep savvy donors; stay fresh & current
Make online giving enjoyable and easy. Give the donor options. Use the latest technology. Show your donor how their funds are being used.

Rule #5: Integrate into everything you do
Your website alone will do nothing. Every activity you have should drive traffic to your site.

Rule #6: Don’t trade your mission for a shopping mall
Many nonprofit websites fail to emphasize mission, instead turning themselves into online shopping malls, without even knowing why.

Rule #7: Ethics, privacy and security are not buzzwords
Many donors are just now deciding to make their first online contribution. They will expect that your organization maintains the highest standards of ethics, privacy and security.

Rule #8: It takes the Internet to build a community
Many nonprofits (particularly smaller ones) lack the resources to communicate effectively. The Internet offers the opportunity to cost effectively build a community of supporters.

Rule #9: Success online means being targeted
The website alone is not enough. You must target your audience and drive their attention to the wealth of information and services offered by your website. Permission must be sought before you begin direct communication via the Internet.

Rule #10: ePhilanthropy is more than just e-money
ePhilanthropy is a tool to be used in your fund raising strategy. IT SHOULD NOT be viewed as quick money. There are no short cuts to building effective relationships. But the Internet will enhance your efforts.

Ten Rules of ePhilanthropy Every Nonprofit Must Know”

Copyright and reprinted with permission from the
ePhilanthropy Foundation