Telling Your Story Efficiently

Sure you run an efficient, effective organization. Doesn’t everyone know that? No, in fact they don’t.

The plain truth is that it isn’t enough to operate efficiently. Organizations must communicate that efficiency to potential donors and to the world at large.

Speaking at the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago, Marshall Stowell, deputy director of YouthAIDS/Five & Alive, offered four steps that organizations need to take to make their presence known competitively in today’s climate. They are:

  • Evaluate programs. Organizations need to determine what they deem successful. Further, they need to budget accordingly to support evaluation, and they should stand behind their evaluations.
  • Identify key leaders and supporters. Does an influential politician, a celebrity or executive support your organization? Organize program visits to educate current and potential supporters. Look for opportunities for these supporters to speak on your organization’s behalf. Ask supporters to write a testimonial for the organization.
  • Know your assets. If you have received awards or reached milestones, be aware of them and make sure the public is aware of them.
  • Know what makes you unique. Do you have a unique approach to your programming? Does your organization offer a distinctive area of expertise? What is your access to market segments?

courtesy The NonProfit Times