Table to Table and Leket Announce Merger

With a mutual goal of offering a one-stop “shop” and resource center aimed at providing for the food needs of the Israeli nonprofit community, Table to Table will be merging with Leket-the Israel Food Bank (as of January 1, 2010).

Both amutot are financially stable and they expect to incorporate their existing projects under the current management structure. The merger is viewed as a natural outcome of Table to Table’s growth and development over the past 6+ years and as a vital step forward in solving the twin issues of food waste and nutritional insecurity in Israel.

In conjunction with the merger, a new name has been chosen – Leket Israel – a Hebrew name that encapsulates the biblical mitzvah of collecting excess food throughout Israel for the benefit of those in need.

Through the merger, Leket Israel anticipates food will be both cheaper and more readily available to the nonprofit organizations currently being served, as well as to new ones.

According to Joseph Gitler, Table to Tables founder, “we expect the increased activity levels will help ensure the most efficient use of storage, food transportation, and volunteer resources all year-round thereby enabling  nonprofit organizations to provide their recipients with a richer, better balanced basket of healthy and nutritious food, leading ultimately to their improved health and general well being.”