Survey: More Americans Committed to Charitable Giving Despite Economic Uncertainties

Four out of five (81 percent) American donors plan to give the same or more to charity this year, according to the Fidelity Charitable® Giving Season Survey. Results from this annual survey conducted this month show the percentage of Americans planning to maintain or increase their giving is trending higher for the second year in a row, with a nine and 18 percentage point increase over 2011 and 2010 respectively. The results also show that on average, Americans expect to give $2,400 to charity this year, compared to $2,100 last year.

Survey results also indicate a strong family connection in terms of selecting causes to support as well as encouraging a family tradition of philanthropy. Forty-four percent of respondents strongly agree that they donate to charity to set a good example for their family or community, and 71 percent are influenced to give by a life event such as an illness or death among family or friends.

More than four-fifths (82 percent) of Americans surveyed agree that their parents taught them to give, and 78 percent have taught or are teaching their children to give. Of those respondents who are passing on the tradition of giving, 71 percent cite encouraging their children to volunteer time as a way to teach philanthropy. Other activities cited include donating from allowances or a job (61 percent), volunteering as a family (61 percent) and giving children money to donate (49 percent).