Some New Links

links2-150x150If you are not familiar with our Resource Library, have a look. We developed this section as a way to assist you in connecting with others, reaching a greater audience and keeping current on the newest tends. We also encourage you to check back often as new links are added on a regular basis.

Here are the most recent.

Google Grants 101

If you don’t yet have Google Grants, it’s worth applying: you can receive up to $10K/month (or more) in free advertising (!).  And, your organization can apply for more than one grant for individual initiatives.

Six Steps to Optimizing Your Web Site for Search Engines

In the Idealware webinar “Optimizing Your Web site for Search Engines” in June, presenter Laura Quinn, director of Idealware, discussed the basics of search engine optimization, tips for creating a site search engines can find and ensuring a search-friendly site architecture.

The Ins and Outs of Writing Profiles

A good profile is a story that has a beginning, middle and end; it’s focused on the most interesting elements about the person being profiled; and it’s relevant, i.e., the reader understands why you’re telling him about this person in your communications and gets the point of the story.

To Blog or Not To Blog

Here are a few questions you should be asking your staff to determine whether now is the right time to start blogging.