Social Sites for Social Good Seminar

If you are interested in learning about social networking, and are convenient to D.C. here is an announcement for an upcoming seminar geared specifically to the non-profit world.

Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Digg, Delicious, Flickr, Twitter, and other social networking and social media web sites are experiencing tremendous audience growth. It’s now clear that most effective issues-based organizations in 2008 will extend their internet strategy to connect with supporters across these social web sites. The opportunities to build new audiences are as great as the complexities.

In this Web Executive Seminar hosted by Forum One, presenters will present strategies for how policy organizations and other nonprofits can take advantage of social media and social networking sites in support of their mission. They will cut through the hype and discuss issues related to brand management, resources and budgeting, and related issues. They will also discuss which sites are worth organizational investment and how to gauge success.

WHERE: National Press Club, Washington, DC
WHEN: 26 February 2008
8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
COST: $95

for the complete schedule and to register, click here