Limmud FSU Comes to America; and WestHampton Will Never Be the Same Again!


Forty Presenters; Eighty Workshops; Seven Hours

With the Russian-Jewish community making up 25% of New York’s Jewish community, the time has come to make serious efforts to weave the young adult demographic of this community into the fabric of American Jewish life.

To respond to this challenge, an exciting one-day happening, A Taste of Limmud – organized under the expanding umbrella of Limmud FSU, is happening right now on the campus of The Hampton Synagogue in WestHampton, New York.

A premiere event for young Jewish Americans from Russian-speaking families, participants are experiencing Judaism through a broad range of informal learning sessions, performances, and panel discussions, featuring local and international scholars and entertainers. As Limmud FSU has all year, the event is themed around celebrating the 150th birthday of Shalom Aleichem.

Of special interest, the panel discussion “Post Madoff: What’s the future of Philanthropy?” featuring Matthew Bronfman, Feliks Frenkel, David Kislin, Jerry Levin, Diane Wohl and [eJewish Philanhropy‘s] Dan Brown.

Breaking all projections, with over 500 people in attendance, a spirit of celebration is energizing those of us here. Filled with optimism, memories and music, the absolute highlight of the overflowing opening ceremony was the warm and loving tribute to the memory of Shalom Aleichem delivered by his 98 year old granddaughter, Bel Kaufman – the last remaining family member alive.

Stick around; we’re on the scene – from pre-program conversations with [Minister of Immigrant Absorption] Sophia Landver and [Member of Knesset] Ze’ev Elkin to the closing barbecue, along with everything in-between.

As Matthew Bronfman told us, “Young Russian Jews are hungry to connect to their heritage.” Today, they have an opportunity.