Rabbi Jill Jacobs Named Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights-NA

Rabbis for Human Rights-North America announced today that Rabbi Jill Jacobs will become the new Executive Director of the organization.

Rabbi Jacobs has a strong track record in the field of social justice and human rights and was a natural fit for RHR-NA. “Jill is one of the leading voices of the Jewish social justice movement,” says Rabbi Charles Feinberg, the co-chair of the board and a rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC. “She will bring a strong Jewish religious and ethical voice to bear on the pressing human rights issues that cry out for action.”

Rabbi Jacobs currently serves as the founding director of Ma’aseh: The Center for Jewish Social Justice Education, which trains rabbis, educators, and students in social justice leadership. In assuming the leadership of RHR- NA, she will bring the training and education capacity of Ma’aseh into the organization.

“Rabbis for Human Rights-North America is one of the most important religious voices in the Jewish community, and has been a primary Jewish voice against torture, slavery and trafficking in North America, and for full human rights in Israel and the occupied territories,” noted Rabbi Jacobs. She continued, “Who better than rabbis can ensure that Israel, the United States and Canada treat all human beings as created in the image of the divine.