Pardes Institute: Yom Iyun Shel Chessed

In August, 2002, I was a participant in a solidarity mission sponsored by the now moth-balled Alliance for Educational Programs in Israel. We departed from JFK just a few days following the tragic suicide bombing at the Sinatra Cafeteria on the Hebrew University campus. As the Pardes Institute was one of the six member organizations of the Alliance, those of us who traveled on this mission attended the memorial service held on the plaza outside the cafeteria. It will forever be in my memory.

Now, every year, the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem organizes a day of social action in memory of the two students, Marla Bennett z”l and Ben Blutstein z”l, who were murdered in that terrorist bombing. This film shows the activities organized as part of the seventh annual Yom Iyun Shel Chessed (Focused Day of Kindness) on March 3 2009 – 7 Adar 5769.


hat tip to Religion and State in Israel.