Over 2000 Gather to Celebrate Limmud FSU Moscow’s 10th Conference

Limmud Moscow 2016In Russia they like to do things on a grand scale. And Limmud FSU Moscow is happy to cooperate! 2,000 participants have come together this weekend (25% more than in 2015!) for this year’s sold out 10th conference in Moscow, the largest-ever gathering of Russian-speaking Jews in the former Soviet Union, and the 2nd largest Limmud event globally.

The 4-day Limmud FSU Moscow Conference promises to be the largest and most significant Jewish event in Russia amid the organization’s growing popularity. Limmud FSU Moscow is a cultural, educational, communal, and social experience shaped by the Moscow Jewish community, with support and guidance from Limmud FSU’s global leadership.

“The conference’s large number of participants is the best evidence that Jewish life is thriving in Russia,” said Limmud FSU Founder Chaim Chesler and Co-Founder Sandy Cahn. “We are witnessing a new era of Russian Jews that have become completely independent and have defined the framework of Jewish life on their own, and for themselves. Moscow’s Jewish community is proud and here to stay.”