Our World Speaks

Around our Jewish world this Thursday morning:

from the Forward:

Social Networking Online, in Hebrew

Finding Israeli friends on Facebook is about to get easier. The social networking Web site soon will allow users to search for each other in Hebrew — good news when you’re not sure whether to transliterate a friend’s name in the Roman alphabet as Roni or Rony, or as Avichai, Avihai or Avihay.

from Globes:

There are very few real philanthropists in Israel

Eli Elalouf, 62, CEO of the private family fund The Rashi Foundation for the past 13 years, is a sort of small-time education minister. The fund he manages, which is the most active and dominant in education in Israel, invests hundreds of millions of shekels (together with private investors and the government) in projects across the country.

from the Australian Jewish News:

Community looks closely at the cost of Jewish education

WITH the cost of good quality Jewish education rising all the time, some of the Jewish community’s largest donors have started working behind-the-scenes on strategies to provide effective Jewish education.

The Australian Jewish Funders (AJF), an organisation that provides philanthropists with an opportunity to network and discuss effective ways to donate funds, held a recent retreat with Jewish education funding as its objective.

from the New York Times:

Rescued by an Israeli Soldier

I’M not sure what I expected to discover in Israel. Though three generations of women in my family were avid Zionists, the country never held much significance in my life. I didn’t expect to find answers to my personal quandaries about religion, politics or human rights. Nope, I mostly hoped to find a beach.