Our Elitist Leadership: The Background Document

Ever since Professor Chiam Waxman’s statement last week on the ‘elitist’ leadership of the American Jewish leadership, the Jewish organizational world has been in a tizzy. This session has received more news and blog coverage than anything else emerging from Facing Tomorrow besides President Bush’s visit.

If you missed the roots of this controversy, see our previous post, ‘Elitist’ Leadership Alienating American Jewish Community.

Meanwhile, you can find Dr. Waxman’s full paper, Jewish Identity and Identification of America’s Young Jews (see pages 173-178) along with the entire range of Conference background policy documents below.

There are many additional papers we think you, our readers, will find of particular interest. We will put up an additional post with the titles and page numbers. In the meantime, happy reading!

Please note: the file is huge; it may take a few minutes to download.

Facing Tomorrow_Policy-Documents

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