JDC Kiev Seen here are selected photographs taken by JDC’s team in Kiev, where the Ukrainian capital has been transformed into a landscape resembling a war zone. Charred buildings line its wide boulevards and fortified encampments fill the city’s Independence Square.

JDC Kiev JDC Kiev JDC Kiev JDC Kiev

JDC KievJDC staff members, led by director of FSU operations Ofer Glanz, are working around the clock to ensure Ukraine’s elderly Jews and single-parent Jewish families continue to receive the food and supplies they need.

JDC Ukraine

JDC’s Alena Druzhynina (pictured above in white helmet) entered the tense Independence Square area to bring a package of food to Mihail Solomonovich, an 82-year-old pensioner who has been homebound since the worst of the violence began.

JDC Kiev
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