Michael Steinhardt Scolds Jewish Organization Leadership; Matthew Bronfman Asks Who is an Israeli and More

from The Jewish Channel:

Michael Steinhardt Speaks vs. Jewish Organizational Leadership

Billionaire philanthropist Michael Steinhardt scolded Jewish organizational leadership at the announcement of a study regarding Birthright Israel’s impact.

from The Wall Street Journal:

Clandestine Resettlement

U.S. State Department officials are conducting a secret operation to bring some of Yemen’s last remaining Jews to America to escape rising anti-Semitic violence in their country.

from CNN:

‘New Jews’ stake claim to faith, culture

Meet the “New Jews,” as some call them: pockets of post-baby boomers – – or more accurately Generation X and Millennial (Gen Y) Jews – – who are making one of the world’s oldest known monotheistic faiths and its culture work for them and others in a time when, more than ever, affiliation is a choice.

from the Jewish Exponent:

Stimulus Bill to Fund New Senior Housing in Elkins Park

For Federation Housing Inc., the third time proved the charm.

The organization — a separate 501(c)(3) that was originally started by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and still provides grants for programs there — had twice applied for money from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, a state entity. The goal was to help fund the construction of new, low-income senior housing in Elkins Park. Twice, it was turned down.

But this time, the difference proved to be the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the federal stimulus bill. The state agency was able to provide Federation Housing with $8.1 million.

The grant may represent the largest boost a local Jewish agency has gotten from the $787 billion stimulus bill…

from Haaretz:

Matthew Bronfman: Am I an Israeli?

“I would like to broaden the definition of aliyah to spiritual, emotional and economical aliyah. For better or worse, I’m probably the largest Israeli taxpayer in the room… The vast majority of my personal wealth is invested here in Israel. I’m here about eight times a year. My children have all visited Israel on numerous occasions… Does that make me an Israeli? Does that mean I’ve made aliyah or I haven’t made aliyah?”