Another Update to Resources

resource_library_booksWe’ve added a number of articles to our Resources section in recent days that are informative and thought provoking. We hope some will be useful to your organization:

Getting Your Videos Onto The Web

Online videos can be a great way to showcase your organization’s mission and work – but you’ll need to make sure they reach your intended audience.

Legal Publications – Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

These materials may help clarify the practical and legal issues encountered by artists and arts and cultural organizations.

Study Calls for Greater Flow of Information in Philanthropic Sector

Each year, individuals, foundations and businesses in the U.S. give more than $300 billion to more than a million nonprofit organizations. But are these gifts going to the most effective organizations?

A recently released study by consulting group McKinsey & Co. for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation urges that if nonprofits, foundations and donors want to increase their social impact, they need a more robust marketplace of information about charitable activity. The study sought to discover what information donors need to make smart decisions about giving and how the philanthropic sector can meet those needs to ensure the most effective nonprofits get the resources they need.

Reaching Baby Boomers: The Next Big Demographic in Nonprofit Online Fundraising

It’s critical that nonprofits use 2009 as an opportunity to go where their target audiences increasingly are – which is online.

What Social Media Can Learn From Email Marketing

Many social media challenges can benefit from hard won lessons we’ve learned through email marketing.