Meet 3 More

We’ve already met three of the new fellows from the sophomore class at the upcoming PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism.

Today, we have a brief look at three more individuals and their varied projects; all young social entrepreneurs who will be shaping our Jewish future.

Joining PICZ this summer, originally from Toronto and now a resident of Jerusalem, Erin Kopelow; her venture, HaMazleg bDerech:

“A comprehensive Israel-program alumni initiative that will work to maintain the connection between Israel-programs and their alumni while simultaneously working to integrate, connect, and propel those who make Aliyah into Israeli society, culture, and workforce.”

Next, from thousands of miles away in Michigan, comes Eitan Ingall whose new venture is the Tamid Israel Investment Group:

“a non-profit, student-led investment fund, which manages a portfolio of Israeli Companies and is dedicated to revolutionizing the connection between American Jewish students and Israel.”

and last, for today, meet Eileen Levinson from Los Angeles. Eileen is working on You Wanna Haggadah:

“an open-source website that allows users to share, personalize, and collectively publish Passover Haggadot. Users upload their pages into a searchable gallery. They may then print a Haggadah of exclusively their own uploads, or mix and match from pieces of anyone else’s contributions to create a Haggadah mash-up.”

For summer number two, Ariel, Aharon and the entire PICZ team have done an awesome job. The Fellows, the speakers, even a ground-breaking professional development seminar focusing on how technology and new media can be employed as a powerful tool for Information Age community work.

Two weeks from now they’ll be up and running, so check back often!