Major Jewish Organizations Give More Away to Telemarketers Than They Keep

The latest “Pennies for Charity” report issued by New York State Attorney General’s office shows that – once again – for-profit telemarketers operating in New York during 2012 retained the bulk of donations raised on behalf of charities.

Listed among the 589 statewide campaigns are several well-known Jewish organizations:

Gross Receipts Net to Charity
B’nai Brith $39,200. $7,253.
Birthright Israel Foundation $55,101. $35,060.
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Inc. $2,192,928. $958,842.
Jewish Federations of North America $105,062. $22,496.
Jewish National Fund $2,870. ($4,630.)
Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association $4,071. ($9,757.)

According to the NYSAG’s office, the data was obtained solely from financial reports filed with the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau. Each filed report was signed by both the professional fundraiser and the charitable organization it represents.