Limmud North America adopts Global Day of Jewish Learning

To propel forward its vision for ongoing, lifelong engagement with transformative Jewish ideas, Limmud North America recently brought in to its family of programs the Global Day of Jewish Learning. Launched in 2009 and inspired by the vision of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the Global Day of Jewish Learning is an annual, intercontinental study of Jewish texts, modern and ancient, that unites more than 1,000 Jewish communities together in mutual appreciation of Jewish wisdom.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning will enable Limmud North America to bring together Jewish communities around the globe, uniting tens of thousands of individuals in common engagement and appreciation for Jewish learning. Since its launch a decade ago more than 40,000 people have participated in the program. Participants in the Global Day will benefit from being connected with the global Limmud network, enabling ongoing engagement with Jewish discovery.

Limmud North America is in the midst of a multi-year strategic expansion, with plans to significantly grow Jewish learning and celebration across the continent. Powered by a grassroots network of 18 volunteer-driven communities in the United States and Canada, Limmud North America is connecting Jews of all backgrounds with transformative learning and each other.