JUF 2010 Campaign Tops $78.6 Million

The Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago raised $78,604,927 in its just-concluded 2010 Annual Campaign, topping the previous year’s total by more than $1 million.

In 2010, JUF agencies came to the aid of millions of Jews, providing essential human services at a time of crisis for newly unemployed, formerly middle-class families in Chicago; responding with immediate assistance to Israel in the wake of devastating forest fires; and saving lives in Jewish communities across the globe, from endangered families airlifted out of Yemen to impoverished seniors provided food in the former Soviet Union. There also was an emergency fundraising effort that made it possible to respond to the earthquake crisis in Haiti.

JUF-supported agencies in the Chicago area brought food to more than 42,000 people; provided millions of dollars in emergency assistance to cover housing costs, health care and other critical expenses; helped more than 1,200 people find new jobs; and provided housing support, medicine, legal assistance, intensive therapy, and tuition assistance to thousands more.